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Accommodation FAQ'S

1. Is Accommodation always available?                                     

Accommodation is not always available as we don’t rent accommodation in all towns in New Zealand. Accommodation Locations are increasing but if you are placed in an area where no accommodation is available, there are other options that we are able to assist with.

2. Could you give me a little bit more information about what is in shared housing?

Shared accommodation is a combination of houses / town houses / apartments. You will always have a bedroom to yourself that is absolutely not shared. You will need to share the kitchen, bathroom / toilet, living / lounge rooms, garage (if there is one), garden / backyard (if there is either).

3. How many bedrooms are in the accommodation?

All of our accommodation is shared meaning you will be living with others. The accommodation ranges from 2-5 bedrooms and depending on the size of the accommodation, 1-2 bathrooms.

4. If I am responsible for my own housing, what is usually included in New Zealand rental properties? 

Rentals come in 3 ways in New Zealand, unfurnished, part furnished or fully furnished. The most common form of rental is unfurnished (meaning you provide everything except stove, light fittings, curtains etc). You may be able to rent a fully furnished place or part furnished places in some locations but certainly not in all locations in New Zealand. In NZ, part furnished would normally be fridge, washing machine possibly dryer but is usually up to the owner what they include in their part furnishings. Often places are advertised as “unfurnished” however, the photos have furniture just for advertisement purposes. To help you search, you can type into google “furnished rentals in _____ (city / town)” or “partly furnished rentals in ______ (city / town)”.


5. Where can I investigate the costs of accommodation in New Zealand?

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