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“At first, the process of registering as an overseas physiotherapist in NZ seemed like a very complicated and stressful task. Ligament made this process as clear and trouble-free as it can ever be. Quick responses, ample guidance, willingness to help and friendly staff made this such a positive experience working with them. Would highly recommend putting your trust in Ligament” - CU

"Ligament has made an enormously intimidating and pain staking process a breeze. The manner in which they have dissected the application form into modules is brilliant. It provides you with a step by step structured plan on how to complete the application with detail and precision. Chloe’ was a great source of encouragement and motivation to me, her patience and the assistance she provided me through this process was nothing short of exemplary. I could not have done it without ligament’s kind assistance and encouragement as well as their wealth of experience and expertise in going through the application process. Thank you Ligament for assisting me in getting one step closer to making my dream of being a New Zealand registered physiotherapist a reality" - RN

"Ligament has truly made the registration process easy to follow and I received clear and concise instructions and guidance from the team.  The layout of the modules is done in a way that makes you feel less anxious as you are aware what needs to be done every step of the way. Chloe provided me with adequate support and guidance throughout the entire process and was always willing to answer any questions I had in a timeous manner.  I found this communication to be very helpful".  - AD

"Ligament made the registration process so much easier . The team was very helpful and helped with all questions. The tutorials were very helpful and I knew what was expected from every section". - LM

" I think the Ligament Team is amazing at what they do. The way they've set up their method of completing the application makes the process easier altogether -  very well structured.

Chloe has always made herself available to help me whenever I had questions. She is professional, patient, and gives positive feedback all the time. I am happy that I started this journey with the Ligament team, because without them I would be lost". - JH 

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